Where Is Your Social Media Audience?

Where Is Your Social Media Audience?

We’ve been talking about targeting on social media all the time. How to reach your custumer on social media sites how to grow your social community and how can engage with people on social media sites. That means we always focus on socia media sites but we should know that there’s too much beyond the social media as we call “social”

Randy Hlavac explained that how to ımprove your ROI with social srategies. And He categorized “social media sites” in a different way. There are six distinct types of social media sites which ranked from top to bottom. They’re not based on the size of sites but rather on the nature of conversation. On the top conversatıons are short and shallow, towards to bottom of the pyramıd the conversatıon  are more long term.

On the top f the pyramıd there are social media sites. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, Tumblr etc. Every conceivable topic ıs being dıscusssed on social networks.

News Aggregator sites are second layer of our pyramid. These are news sites designed to pretend text , video and  auido content to their targeted readers.

Passion Connection sites are allow us to meet with others who support our same interests. These sites contains high valuable audience. You can reach people who has spesific interest. Pinterest is one of the good examples of this sites.

Video content is trending now. Today over sixty hours of videos are uploaded to Youtube every minute! Isn’t it amazing? From Youtube to Vine, videos one of the strongest marketing strategies to get interaction. Thats because, video contents has to much space on social media pyramids.

Thought leaders are bloggers. Today there are over 18.7 million blogs in every conceivable topics. And at the bottom of the pyramid you can see virtual communities. What are they? Virtual comminities are the largest part of social media. Forums, bulletin boards are very good exampe of this sites.

As we see on Hardy’s social media pyramid, as a brand, we can focus more valuable, high valuable audince on the market. Don’t try to focus just social media sites. Your high valuable audince may be on other layers on the pyrmid. Analyse your customer first, and have targeted strategies for your business.

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